Friday, March 22, 2013

Izzie B's First Real Bath

I had mentioned that Izzie B's umbilical stump had to be removed before it was ready, so we were waiting until it healed up completely before giving her a real bath.  The gunk coming out of it turned to blood and we realized it had scabbed over, but that every time she cried, she pushed her belly out and it kept breaking open, so it wasn't getting a chance to heal.  My mom suggested a band aid with neosporin on it to try and help.  Within three days, it was all healed up!  So, this past Monday, we were able to give her her first tub bath (she was getting sponge baths until that point).

I love how her eyes are closed as if she's getting a relaxing scalp massage at the salon.

Izzie is not nearly as calm a baby as Brady was, but she's not as bad as some babies who are really have colic.  She's not a fan of the swing, bouncer, or even being left in the boppy.  She prefers to be held (mostly by me) or in her rock and play sleeper.  She had cried during every sponge bath, but didn't make a peep during this whole bath.  Maybe she liked having the warm wet towel on her belly.

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  1. What a cutie! I love how wide her eyes are through the whole thing. What a sweet girl.