Thursday, April 26, 2012


A couple of weekends ago, we headed to Sensapolis, which is a little bit south of the city to have a little fun on a rainy Sunday.  It's all about sensory and other experiences, and kinda reminded me of elements of the Children's Museum and Science Center in Pittsburgh.  Although we had a lot of fun, many of the activities were a bit too old for Brady.  The first room we explored dealt with optical illusions.  You can see Brady above in a fun optical illusion room.  The next few pics below were also in that room.

 Brady was a bit skeptical of this tunnel, so I got in with the camera to show him it wasn't scary.  I definitely felt dizzy after being in there for a while.

 Next, we went into a room that dealt with natural forces.  Above you see Andy and Brady testing a building they built against an earthquake.

 This was a machine that made a tornado out of steam, but by the time it got going, Brady had lost interest.

 There was a lot to climb on there.  You can see rock walls, tree houses, and if you look at the ceiling, you might be able to see the kids harnessed, walking on the scaffolding.

The next few pictures take place inside this castle.

 The ballroom, lined with mirrors.

 Having fun with some curled-toe shoes.

Brady did really well steering this car by turning two different wheels at the same time.

This was a really cool "magic carpet.."  Brady is seen above standing on the button to make it move.

 Andy thought it might be easier if he sat Brady on the button, but I think our little surfer dude was doing just fine standing and balancing.

 Inside the spaceship now.  Brady is going into the hyper sleep chamber, ready to blast off into deep space.

Andy got into it too and is shown "sleeping."

 Brady couldn't go into a spaceship and not get a chance to drive ;)

We then came to a room that was more geared to Brady's age group, with lots of riding toys and blocks.  You'll see in the pictures below that he had to try every car.

Time to build with some giant Legos with Daddy.

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