Monday, April 16, 2012

The Porsche Museum

Stuttgart is not only home to Mercedes-Benz, but to Porsche as well.  Above is the logo for Porsche, and you can clearly see in the center, the city shield for Stuttgart with the horse.  The Porsche Museum is literally two blocks from our apartment and it was on our list of places to see before we headed home this summer.  We had just been to the Mercedes-Benz on Good Friday, and that Saturday, we were relaxing at home, while Brady napped, when Andy got a call.  It was his friend, Dennis, who was headed our way to visit the Porsche Museum with his American girlfriend, Courtney.  They wanted to see if we wanted to join them since it's down the road from where we live.  We said sure, and soon were on our way walking the few short blocks to the museum.

The view of the Porsche Museum from a little bit further back.  We live about two blocks down the road on the left hand side.

As the seventh-generation Porsche 911 hits the market, the Porsche Museum is honoring its brand-defining model with a new exhibition called 911 Identity.The display in the museum highlights each generation of 911, from the 1963 original through to the 2012 991, offering facts, figures and artifacts from their year of launch.

There was certainly no shortage of vehicles in this museum, but after the previous day at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, I was a little overloaded with car stuff.  I'm not as into it as Andy and Dennis, so I was more interested in the history at Mercedes-Benz.  There were more cars at Porsche, but I just walked around and took a lot of pictures.  Enjoy.

Brady along for the ride, as usual.  He was very happy to be surrounded by cars two days in a row.

This is where we started to get to the 911 series.

Keep dreaming Brady ;)

This clay model was actually sculpted by a machine.  It had grooves and looked like it had been made in the sand.

This was really cool.  It was a 911 sliced down the middle so you could see everything inside.  You can see that the engine is in the back.

Andy was getting a good look at the ABS system that Bosch was making in the Anderson plant where he worked.

An older police car.  I'm sure the police officers in the States would love to be driving around a Porsche.  I'm sure it's a lot faster than what they're driving.

Three different model types from the three different Porsches.  The original from Ferdinand (far right), Ferry (center), and F.A. (far left).

One of the very newest models.

Another Pittsburgh connection, with the PPG on the race car.  Notice the Bosch as well ;)

Andy and Dennis in front of the 911 Porsche that's Dennis's dream car.

The boys waiting to get their chance to get inside a real 911 Porsche.

Brady is such a natural with cars.  Guess he's lucky his daddy works in the automotive industry.

We had a great time at the Porsche Museum, especially going with friends.  Afterwards, we hopped on a train downtown and ate at a really good Mexican restaurant.  It was our first time eating out at a nice sit down restaurant here in Stuttgart.  Dennis and Courtney found out why it is that we eat our food so quickly ;)  Brady certainly doesn't have much patience when he decides he's done.

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