Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Halfway Home

Today marks the official halfway point of our assignment in Germany.  We left Pittsburgh on January 18 and our return date is currently July 18.  A lot has happened in the last three months.  We made a trip to Switzerland and Brady turned 2!  We endured sub-zero temps in February, a warm and sunny March, and now a very rainy April.  We hope to make an announcement about where/when our final placement with Bosch will be during the next few weeks.

There have been many challenges living overseas.  I can honestly say the first few months were the most stressful, trying to adjust to the new culture, and there were many times where I broke down and wanted to just go home.  It's been very difficult not having a car, even with the great public transportation system.  If it's rainy, we simply don't go out because it's near impossible to push the umbrella stroller and hold an umbrella.  That means there are many days where both Brady and I go stir crazy.  The food situation has also been very challenging.  There is a severe lack of variety and light options.  Almost everything involves carbs and there's a bakery on every single corner.  I've received lots of sympathy for our situation, but I've also gotten my fair share of criticism.  There were people who didn't understand my reluctance to travel abroad and thought I was overreacting when I got here.  I can only assume that those people have never lived in a foreign country (traveling to tourist destinations doesn't count), and certainly not with a child.  Until they've done that, their opinion of how I feel doesn't really matter too much to me. 

Now that we've reached the halfway point, there is so much ahead of us.  We made only one trip in the first half and have more than I can count to come in the next few months.  We start this weekend by making a trip over the mountains to Munich, and then next week making a four-day trip to Vienna.  Every weekend from here until the end will be packed with trips (either extended or just for the day).  We have plans to make the most out of our opportunity here to see as much as we can.  Below are some random pictures I've taken off of our phones from the last three months.

 At the Stuttgart airport when we first arrived.  We hope to take home way less luggage.

 One of the early days before we figured out the food situation.  There were lots of frozen pizzas and empty bellies between meals.  You can see Brady can't wait for it to come out of the oven.

 Brady entertaining himself before our freight shipment arrived with all his toys.

Having fun in one of the few play carts they have here.

 Hanging at the BK Lounge.

When Brady's a good boy at the store on Saturdays, he gets to pick out a pastry.  This was a few weeks before Easter, so they had more bunny themed items.  He had no qualms about taking a bite out of the Easter bunny.

 Trying on my Pitt snuggie.

 Time to build a tower on top of the tiny Lego car.


 Elation at having knocked everything down.

 Playing video games on a lazy Sunday morning.


Hanging out


  1. Hooray for being half-way done! I'm excited to hear about your final placement and how all that went. Are you excited to know that you can settle down somewhere? I sure am ... and I still have a year to go. :-)

    1. It will be such a relief to settle down. It's been a long road and it's crazy to think that we've spent each Christmas and each of Brady's birthdays in different locations. It'll be weird to stay longer than a year.