Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Visit with Santa 2014

Every year since Brady's been a baby (minus our year in Disney), we have gone to the same mall for Santa pictures.  They are the best because they do appointment times rather than a standing line.  Last year, we made the mistake of waiting until December, paired with a Friday, and it was a disaster.  Our appointment time was four hours from when we arrived, so I spent most of my day driving around getting other things done while waiting for our private audience time.  This year, I decided we would be going before Thanksgiving in an effort to get in more quickly.  He came on Saturday, November 15, and we decided we would go the next day, as Brady has school Monday through Thursday, and Friday was a madhouse the last time.  That also meant Andy could come as well.  He had never seen the kids see Santa, minus when we took Brady to Disney.  The only hiccup is that they don't do appointment times on the weekends, and it's a regular line.  They open for Santa daily at 8AM, but the mall didn't open until noon, so we decided if we went early, we shouldn't have a long line, especially so soon after his arrival.  We got there around 10AM and walked right in to see Santa!  I was so pleased, we will definitely be doing it the same time next year.

 Brady has never once been terrified and screamed when it came to Santa.  He had been rehearsing all the things he was going to ask for weeks in advance.  He ran right up to him and jumped onto his lap.

 Izzie let Brady go first and that might have been wise because she's got an attitude and won't do anything she doesn't want to do.  I thought for sure this was going to be our first year with a screamer.  She did great!

 A look back at all five (FIVE?!?!?! can you believe it?) visits with Santa.

Izzie's comparison from last year.  It's unbelievable when we look at videos and pictures from a year ago how much she has changed!  Her hair is certainly one of the more visible changes.  It's so long, curly, and unruly now!  She's almost two now and has lost almost all of her "babiness."

The together shot comparision from last year.  Izzie was more smiley last year, but it's so much harder to get them both looking now.  We'll see what future visits hold for our family.

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