Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Portraits 2014

We took our annual Christmas portraits in mid-November, but as always, it's crazy busy around here, so I'm just getting around to putting them up.  My mom had bought Izzie's dress last year and also bought this year's dress last year as well.  Since it matched well with the lines Gymboree had out last year, I was able to snatch up Brady's whole outfit on sale with coupons, spending less than $20 for the sweater and pants.  She has already purchased Izzie's dress for next year, which again lines up with Gymboree's lines for this year, so Brady already has all of his pieces for next year as well.  Gymboree also has adult clothes for Christmas to match their lines, so Andy got a coordinating sweater for next year as well.  I only have to get my outfit, but I've already found one I love ;)

 Izzie is almost impossible to photograph these days as she wants to be everywhere!  We were lucky we got a few where she was sitting and most of the time they were snapped as she was getting ready to get up and move!

 Getting her still and smiling was impossible.

 Brady on the other hand, did great!

 The only one we have of her smiling is due to Andy lifting her up in the chair and flying her around.  The minute he'd put her down, she run, so you can see his arm behind here.  It's better than nothing.

 Pajama pictures.

 Izzie's weren't exactly pj's but I couldn't resist the cute casual outfit.

A comparison of the kids, both around 20 months old.

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