Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Beach Portraits 2014

I spend all year waiting for the perfect outfits for beach pictures and usually set up the kids first.  These are my favorite pictures of the year, so I place a high importance on finding the right outfits and coordinating everyone.  This year, I spotted Brady's shirt first in January.  It just screamed beach colors to me.  I found Izzie's not much longer after that.  Andy's fairly easy, it was just deciding if I should put him in a navy blue shirt or a white one.  I had bought a dress for myself that was navy and mint green, but it never really spoke to me in regards to matching the others.  I was just walking through a store one day in March and one of my favorite colors (seafoam) caught my eye.  I wiped my head around and saw this dress.  I had to have it!  It was the exact same color as Izzie's outfit and I have a hard time passing up new dresses.  Now all I had to do was wait four months to take the portraits and hope they turned out well.

As always, I pinned beach portrait poses and we tried several to find one that worked.  This one I like, but for things like Christmas cards and canvas prints for our walls, I prefer to have everyone closer. 

Another pinned idea was to swing the kids.  They're definitely smiling because it was fun, but not quite looking at the camera. 

 Another pose.  Brady looks like he's trying to strangle Izzie lol.

Izzie had a death grip on my head.  She isn't used to being up so high without someone holding her hands, so I'm sure she was a little worried.

This was the ultimate winner.  My dad spotted the dune grass as soon as we got onto the beach and mentioned that it might be a nice background.  He was definitely right and we got one good one with both kids looking and smiling.  I've already ordered it on a 16x20 canvas so we have it forever.

 Our bedroom is blue and we had last year's family shot (with blues and greens as well) put onto canvas and it hangs in there.  I wanted to create a kind of gallery wall and have some 8x10 canvas prints of just the kids to surround it.  The colors this year work well with last year's so I took control of the camera and started getting some solo shots of the kids.

Izzie's much more of a moving target and loves the beach, so she was a harder subject to catch on camera. 

Action shot!  My kids both love to run.  Not sure who they got that from because it certainly wasn't me. 

I finally captured her as we were leaving. 

We normally do the whole family the night we go out to dinner because everyone does their hair and tends to wear nicer clothes.  It started to storm not long after we made it back from the beach that night, so we had to plan for another day.  We finally got to it the last night, so we were all a little crispy from a full week in the sun, but we got some good shots. 

 I coordinated the colors for this photo shoot as well.  Izzie's outfit caught my eye in January when the summer stuff was released and it all was based off of her colors and the anchors.

Our party of four. 

Nana and Dubby with the grandkids. 

And finally, Alex, Lauren, and Kiro.

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