Thursday, July 4, 2013

Izzie B's First 4th of July

Things have been hectic around here, so I'm just getting around to writing about our Fourth of July weekend.  There were some deadlines due to Germany on fifth (remember they're six hours ahead), so the work needed done by the evening of the fourth.  They don't celebrate our Independence Day, so they needed the work regardless of our holiday.  That meant Andy had to work.  He was fortunate enough to be able to work from home and only for about half the day.  Because he had to work on the holiday, he got the following day off, making it a three and a half day weekend. 


I had gone to the store the night before and decided to get Brady a special treat for the morning of the Fourth.

 Can you guess what made him smile so big?

His baby sister trying to steal Daddy's milk.  Hilarious I know.  He sure loves that girl and she loves him right back.

Still laughing hysterically.

 Time for some pics of Izzie wearing a first Fourth of July owl sticker.  Seems like all these holidays are close to her monthly birthday so she wears stickers very close together.  Brady loves it as he gets to wear the stickers when she's done.

I love this shot showing off her patriotic flower.

She was making it difficult to see the sticker, so I decided to take it off and put it on the chair instead.

There's a smile!

Passed out.

Since Andy had Friday off, we decided to do something fun with Brady.  We had a ton of leftover tokens from Chuck E Cheese from when we went on his birthday, so we decided to go and spend them.  He was very excited because he talks about going on his birthday every time he sees a commercial.  We had great timing, as we walking in the door Chuck E Cheese himself was coming out.

Every hour, he walks around with a sign for kids to follow him.  They dance, then he throws tickets in the air.  We were there long enough for this to happen twice.

Scrambling for tickets.

After Chuck E Cheese, we went to Brady's favorite place, Menchies, for frozen yogurt.  Unlike, Pittsburgh, the different areas of Detroit do their fireworks over the two weeks leading up to the holiday and there weren't really any on the Fourth.  We watched the ones in NYC on the TV that night.  Saturday, we went to the pool, while Izzie went to the daycare, so we could have some fun with Brady.  We take Izzie from time to time, but she's so fair, we don't want her out in the sun every time we go.  Sunday, Andy and I went to the gym while the kids went to the daycare.  We had a really fun weekend together.

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