Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family Beach Portraits 2013

I love opportunities for family pictures.  The beach is always one of those times and when we get the whole family together there are always pictures for my mom.  Years we are all together, we take a group shot, and when we can't get together, we do smaller group shots.  This year, I decided it would be fun to do both in case some didn't turn out (which is likely with two kids and a dog).  This year, Brady was the problem.  We had a very hard time getting him to smile and he's now at the age where he can verbalize protest.  He was in many of the group shots and kept screaming that he didn't want to take any more pictures.  We got a few decent ones, but many are grimaces like the one above.

Look at those smiles.  No denying they are father and son.  They have the same exact mouth and smile.

Brady's not looking in this one, but it's the best one we got of the four of us.  He's smiling at his baby sister which is sweet.

The previous pics were taken on the third floor deck and we tried a few on the crow's nest (fourth floor small deck in line with the roof).  It was much too sunny, but nice that you can see the ocean in the background.  We didn't go up there much, since the first time we were up there, Alex and Lauren's dog, Kiro, went through the rails and was walking on the roof.  We were so freaked out and he walked from end to end, and almost over the top peak.  We thought for sure he would fall off and be a goner.  We got him to come down eventually, but it was very scary and we didn't go up much after that.

The yearly whole group shot.  This is the first year that Izzie was in it.

 Alex, Lauren, and Kiro.

The kids and grandkids (Kiro included).

Mom and Dad

Nana and Dubby with the grandkids.

 The next day, the kids took their naps, we showered, and headed down to the beach for our small family pictures, like we do every year.  I had been looking at beach portrait poses on Pinterest because we'd done the same pose the past three years (see below).  This was one of them, but it didn't work out like I thought it would.

This was another pose I had Pinned, and it seemed to work out well.  I liked the different heights.

 A smile!  This was definitely the winner out of the two days.

She was loving her toes in the sand.

 This pic got forgotten in the last post about the entire vacation.  Brady is in love with his puppy cousin, Kiro, and again Lauren caught some great pics on her phone.  You can tell by how genuine his smile is that he loves Kiro.  He loves him so much that he often teases him by taking his toys and gets nipped, but he keeps coming back for more.

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