Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Brady!!!

I can't believe my baby boy is 3!  It's really scary to see how fast three years have gone and how soon he'll be too big to give me a kiss and a hug any time I want.  Everyone thought we were crazy for having him young and so soon after we got married (he was due 2 days after our 9 month wedding anniversary), but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Both our kids were planned and wanted, and having him with us through all this moving made things easier for me.  I had a buddy no matter where we were and he filled my days (and still does).  

We had his party over the weekend, and his actual birthday was this past Tuesday.  Until this year, his birthday had always fallen on a weekend, so this was the first year it was just me and him for the majority of the day.  I decided a few weeks ago that we'd go to Chuck E Cheese to play in the morning, then we'd go out to eat for dinner that night as a family (which we've done on every one of his birthdays and will continue to do).  We ended up going to Bob Evans, where he ordered a hamburger, fruit, and a cookie for dessert.  Overall, he had a pretty good day.

Playing at Chuck E Cheese.

He had his 3 year check up at the doctor yesterday and he was excited because he's been playing with a doctor kit I got him for the last six months.  He is also a fan of the show, Doc McStuffins, on Disney Junior.  Every night for the last week, he'd talk about all the body parts the doctor would check and he was very good during the whole exam.  I was interested in seeing his height and weight as he can still fit into some of his 24 months pants, but outgrows his shirts with his long torso.  These are his stats compared to last year.

Last Year:                                               This Year:

34.5 inches (65th percentile)                 38 inches (65th percentile)
26lbs 8oz (35th percentile)                    34lbs (75th percentile)

They had written on the paper they gave me that his weight was in the 90th percentile, which didn't seem quite right.  He's a skinny little guy, although he does have a lot of muscle.  When I got home, I checked a growth chart and it only put him at the 75th percentile, which seemed much more likely.  Still, he gained 7.5lbs in a year, which is a lot for him.  I can remember fretting about his weight since he was 9 months old and went from a steady 50th percentile to 10th to 35th percentile depending on the visit for the next year or so.  He's still a healthy eater (loving his fruits and veggies) and is extremely active, so we are glad he's growing!

Brady has done more in his three short years than most people have done in their entire lifetimes.  He's lived in three different states and two different countries on two separate continents.  He's traveled to some of the largest cities in Europe.  One of the coolest things is that he's been in a different location for each of his birthdays.  He was born in Pittsburgh, turned 1 in South Carolina, turned 2 in Germany, and turned 3 in Michigan.  Unfortunately, he will also turn 4 and 5 in Michigan (as far as we know), so the streak will end.  We do have something amazing already planned for his 6th birthday as all the schools in our county take a mid-winter break for the whole week during his birthday every year.  This was his last birthday as our only child and even though Izzie's birthday will be only two weeks after his, we will always do separate celebrations and parties as each child deserves their own special day, regardless of when their siblings were born (because really, they have no control over that).

I love looking back at birthdays in the past for a comparison.  Although we didn't have a party or any family near for his first birthday, he still ended up with four cakes!

A look at his cakes for every birthday.  It's fun to see how much he's grown in between each set.

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