Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brady Plays in the Snow

Contrary to what many people think, Detroit does not get much more snow than Pittsburgh in the winter.  The averages each year are within an inch.  Most people think that Detroit is on one of the great lakes, but we are above Lake Erie, along a river, that connects to a smaller lake that feeds into Lake Huron, way north of us.  The other side of Michigan that borders Lake Michigan (aptly named), gets almost double than us due to the lake effect snow that we don't get.  I can understand why people would think all of Michigan would get a lot of snow since it's nickname is the Great Lakes State (we touch four of the five).

We got almost no snow (an certainly no accumulation) before we went home for Christmas.  We came home to about six inches, but a week later it had all melted.  This has happened several times over in the last six weeks. We get 3-4 inches over a day or two, it stays for a day to a week and then it gets warm enough for it all to melt.  This has made it difficult for us to get Brady out there to play.  Most of you know I hate snow, so we had to wait until there was snow on the weekends so Andy could take him out (plus I can't get my feet into anything really snow proof and it's not too safe if I should fall in the snow).  

Andy was a little too particular about how the snow felt so it took a while to get Brady out there, even when there was snow.  We finally got around to it two weeks ago.  I had bought Brady new snow boots in November (by now they're all sold out), so this was his first time wearing them.  He was pretty excited as they have Lightning McQueen on them and light up when he stomps around.  His snowsuit from Europe last year still fit, so he was all set to go.

He's been out in the snow once before when we went sledding in the Swiss Alps last year, but it was more packed down and he went down on the sled, never getting down and dirty in it.  He hasn't seen much snow with us moving down South during his first winter and there not being too much snow in Germany last winter.  You can see that he doesn't know quite what to do with it, as his feet are shuffling through instead of just walking in it.

After being the OCD kid he is and removing all sticks in the yard, his first order of business was to get down and roll around.

You can see the marks he made in the snow from just rolling and rolling.

Andy got him to make some snow angels, which he called Snow Bradys.

Checking out his Snow Brady.

He easily spent close to an hour out there with Andy.  He loved when Andy would make snowballs so that he could come up on the deck and throw them at the window (and me).  He got a kick out of it.  Our glass door that leads out to the deck from the kitchen was covered in snow where he threw all the snowballs.  He definitely didn't want to come in at the end, but his little cheeks were all pink from the cold.  He went straight into a hot bath (which is one of his favorite things).  The snow has melted yet again, so we will see if he gets another chance to go out and play before spring.

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