Friday, June 1, 2012

Puzzle Playtime

Toys R Us has a great rewards program and they increase the rewards you earn during the holiday season.  I also have their credit card, so I double my rewards, and after Christmas had earned $50 to spend before we left the country.  This was a great opportunity to snag a few more compact toys for Brady that I could fit in our luggage so he could play with new toys as soon as we got there.  I decided that puzzles would be a good way to spend the reward money, since Brady didn't really have any.  I got him three peg puzzles, featuring pets, farm animals, and vehicles (seen in the pictures).  The animal ones made the noises when the peg was placed in the right hole.  We opened one to see how he'd do it before we left for Germany.  He tried, but couldn't figure out how to rotate the pieces to make them fit.  Within one month of our arrival in Germany, he was putting the pieces in the puzzle like a pro!  His favorite one is of course the one with all the construction vehicles.

He also likes to drive around the vehicle pieces ;)


He had gotten so good at the peg puzzles that I pulled out the last puzzle, which is a bit harder.  It has 6 pieces making up a police car.  He loves it since it's a car, and can get the windows and wheels in the right spot easily.  He still runs into a little bit of trouble with the blue doors, because he likes to put the wheels in first, making it a tighter fit for the doors.  He's still learning that the curved part of the door goes on the outside and the flat part goes on the inside.  He does almost everything with a measured calculation and loves to figure out new things.  I joke that one day he'll become an engineer and work at Bosch like his daddy ;)

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