Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Napoleon's Tomb & the Louvre - Paris

Friday morning, we started off with a little souvenir shopping, then made our way to Napoleon's tomb, which is housed as a part of the Military Museum complex.  Pictured above is the building which is devoted to Napoleon's tomb.

The inside of the dome was absolutely beautiful.

Napoleon's tomb.  It was really quite massive.

From the lower level.

That evening the Louvre was open later, so we went after dinner.

The above ground pyramid was only completed in 1988, and since then attendance has doubled. 

A look up at the pyramid from inside.

The Louvre is huge!  There are three main corridors like this one (looks like it goes on forever doesn't it) and each one has five floors.  Many people have told us they could spend all day or multiple days there, but with Brady, that's not an option.  We had maybe an hour before he got bored and had a meltdown, so we made most of the time we had.

The Nike of Samothrace (winged victory) from 190 BC.

The art on the ceilings were equally impressive to the art on the walls.

The Mona Lisa.  This shot is true to size, so it's not nearly as large as some of the pieces of artwork that went from floor to ceiling.

 A little bit zoomed in.

We managed to make it to the Greek sculptures.  Brady has taken to roaring, so we took him over to lion and he loved it.

 The Venus de Milo

We thought this one reminded us of Brady ;)

The inverted pyramid which was added in 1993.

Brady loved taking baths and on vacation is no exception.  He had fun filling a glass from the faucet . . .

and then dumping it out.

As I said earlier, we'd done some souvenir shopping that morning, and I couldn't resist trying a beret on Brady.  He didn't immediately throw it off, so I decided to get it for him.

Here are some shots of him hanging out in the room later with his beret on.

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