Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Springtime for Hitler & Germany

Hopefully, there are enough musical theatre fans out there to get that the title of this post is not a dig at the locals ;)  It's a song title from the musical, The Producers.  I thought it was pretty funny and appropriate for the time of year.  We had a really nice end to March that felt like May, April was cold and rainy as April should be, and most of May (so far) has been really nice and sunny.  After a ridiculously cold winter, spring is very welcome here.  The trees are all full of leaves and the flowers are in bloom.  The best part is getting out with Brady, whether to the zoo, just a walk, or a park.  

We get together with some other moms once or twice a week, and sometimes we meet at a park, not too far from where we live (we still need to take the train).  We've been there three times since we moved here and it's perfect for Brady.  The play area is pretty contained, so I can stand in one spot and keep an eye on him running and playing (he's always dressed in a bright color I can spot easily on these days).  He's very physical, so it's nice to see what he's capable of on his own.

 To get on this slide, it's more of a ladder type climb and Brady can easily do it all by himself.

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  1. Love the title, I knew you must be a producers fan as soon as I saw the post in fb. I'm jealous it's been so warm for you. I feel like its still winter here. I froze at the park today. As I packed for our trip down south, I had no idea what to bring so both kids have shorts and winter stuff just in case