Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Permanent Placement

Today papers were signed that solidified our "permanent" placement within Bosch.  Two weeks shy of two years ago, Andy took the job with Bosch that would have us moving around the country and eventually to Germany.  That was a two year program, and as you all know, Germany was our last rotation and we're just two months shy of "graduating" from the program.  That means we get to settle in one area for longer than six months (or in our special case a year).  If you couldn't tell from the picture above, we're headed back to Detroit!!!

Over the past month, Andy has been in interviews with certain areas of the company.  There were several departments that had shown interest in Andy and he had the first formal interview almost exactly a month ago.  In that month, he had phone interviews, and even met with the manager of one department in person, as she was here on a business trip a few weeks ago.  That manager was part of GS (gasoline systems), and over dinner, she made an informal verbal offer to Andy and he verbally accepted.  Since then, we've been waiting for the formal written offer to be sent over and signed so we could make it official.  That offer came this morning and Andy signed on the dotted line, sending us back to Motown, where we spent our first six months of this program. 

When we tell people we're headed to/lived in Detroit, they think of the actual city.  Where Andy works is Farmington Hills, which is in the suburbs 30 min outside of the city.   That also happens to be the North American headquarters for Bosch, so it's quite large and Andy would have the opportunity to move around within the company and not have to move us for some time.  We were very comfortable in Michigan and are more than happy to make it our permanent home.  We've been stalking real estate sites for almost a year now and are so happy that we can finally make a list of houses to look into when we get home this summer!  I can't wait to be in a house that's our own and we would love to be settled in by Thanksgiving, so we can host that holiday for the first time!

Today is also mine and Andy's third wedding anniversary, and I couldn't think of a better present than solidifying where we'll be living when we get back to the States.  It's been a very busy three years, but I hope the next three (or thirty) are just as busy and exciting!  We've had so many adventures and life changes that I think I'd be bored if we slowed down!

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  1. Congratulations! I'm excited for you to settle down somewhere and make some roots. I can't wait for that day! :-)