Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quick Update

It's been almost two weeks since my last post and that's because Andy's computer screen decided to die the night of the Super Bowl. You can hear the computer running, but the screen is black and won't even work when hooked up to an external monitor. Andy took it to a local media center to see if they can repair it and we haven't heard anything back from them. From what we've heard, customer service is not very good over here. I am writing this on Andy's work computer to give everyone a quick update so you don't think we've dropped off the face of the Earth.

So much has happened in the last two weeks and another problem with not having Andy's laptop is that I can't upload any pictures that I've taken, so posts that I have pictures for will have to wait until we get the computer back (if we ever do).

One of the biggest topics in the last two weeks in Germany and around Europe has been the subzero temperatures. The average high for Stuttgart in February is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and for the first two weeks of this month, we have had highs in the high teens and lower twenties, with wind chills that are negative on the Fahrenheit scale. Imagine what that is in Celsius. We're talking about -20 degrees Celsius, which looks much scarier than -6 degrees Fahrenheit. It was like this from February 1-13, and Valentine's Day was the first day above freezing. Since the temps were sooooo low, 33 degrees feels like spring. We've been told that those temperatures are NOT normal for Europe and go figure that would happen just as we got here. It didn't help that it snowed the day before the temps dropped and the snow has just finally melted. It makes taking Brady out in the stroller A LOT easier.

We've started to get the hang of things over here in the last few weeks. I've met some other moms and kids and my days are a lot less boring (post to come later). We've had some visitors and this weekend are gearing up for Brady's birthday!!! We really can't believe he's turning two! Now that we have the German holiday schedule, we are planning our vacations and trips around Europe to make the most of our time here. Our first trip will be in three short weeks to Zurich, Switzerland. We can't wait!

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