Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Master of Destruction

Brady made the transition from crib to big boy bed overnight.  It was really easy, and we never realized that maybe it was a little too easy.  He was so good about staying in his bed after he woke up and calling for someone to let him out.  He knew how to get in and out of the bed and would do it when we came and got him or put him down.  This lasted for exactly one whole month.

The day before his birthday, we put him down for a nap and started to notice some noises coming from his room.  I went in to check on him and the stand with the TV on it, was moved so far out of place that the cords connecting it to the wall had come out.  His lamp was on (not the one controlled by the light switch) and his brand new night light was completely broken.  We tried putting him back down, but he would get out and start messing around with whatever he could get his hands on.  We figured he just wasn't tired and that this wouldn't happen again, since he'd been so good for so long.  We were wrong.

The morning of his birthday, we slept in to about 10:30am.  Andy was a little shocked that Brady hadn't woken us up before then.  When he opened the door to his room, he saw that Brady was indeed awake and had found a new way to amuse himself in his room.  The picture at the top of the post is what we found.  He had emptied every single article of clothing from every drawer.  We knew then that we were in trouble and I immediately started to verbally reenforce that he needs to stay in his bed until mommy or daddy comes to get him.

At naptime that day, he did the same thing, emptying the drawers instead of taking a nap.  We were getting to a point where he hadn't napped in three straight days and we were getting a little nervous that he might never nap again.  He was certainly overtired and needed the naps, but wouldn't take them.  

Monday (the day after his birthday), I woke up to his hamper emptied.  That wasn't as much to deal with as all the drawers being emptied, but I continued with reenforcing that he should stay in his bed.  That day, naptime was a definite challenge.  For the first two hours, I probably went into his room about 15 times, each time something was amiss.  Either the TV moved, the hamper emptied, or one particular time where I opened the door to all the drawers emptied and Brady nowhere in sight.

  I found him behind the door completely inside his hamper turned upside down.

Eventually, he went to sleep, but because he'd stayed up so long, he was still tired when he woke up.  Tuesday and Wednesday, there were only a few things amiss in his room when I went to get him in the mornings.  Both of those days, we were busy during the morning and afternoon, so he took good naps.  This morning, I slept until about 9:30am because we had nowhere to go and I never heard him.  I was dreading what I would find.  He was still in his bed!  I made sure to praise him and he seemed pretty pleased.  During nap, I caught him sneaking out, but he climbed back into bed and took a good nap.  Unfortunately, he woke up with some sort of stomach bug and has been sick all evening.  He will be on the BRATT (bananas, rice, apple sauce, tea, and toast) diet for at least the next 24 hours. 

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