Friday, April 29, 2011

Sippy Cup Success!

We finally did it!! We introduced the sippy cup several months ago to get Brady used to it and only used it for juice, but since he was too little to even hold his own bottle, we of course held it for him. A little over a month ago we switched to the sippy full time when also switching to real milk instead of formula. We were determined that we weren't going to hold it for him, but he had other plans. He would walk up to us with the sippy in hand and whine until one of us held it for him so he could take a drink. There was lots of screaming involved as well. I was determined to make him hold it himself, by holding his hands on the handles and letting go if he did so he didn't get any more to drink. This didn't go over well and we were desperate to keep him hydrated, so we let the issue drop, thinking one day he'd do it on his own. Wrong. Yesterday, we were at Gymboree, and after class, several of the younger babies were drinking from their own sippy cups and even one handed! Immediately, I made the decision that enough was enough and we weren't holding it for him anymore. After nap, Brady and I sat on the kitchen floor and instead of me holding his hands on the handles, I made sure he gripped them himself and I lifted his elbows to show him the right tilt. After about 20 minutes of screaming every time I let go and his hands dropped, we achieved slight success. Once Andy got home from work, he was a pro and hasn't tried to ask us to help him since! He's even good enough to go to the fridge when he wants a drink. We're hoping this helps a little with the minor food strike that he's on because he can control when he wants a drink in between bites. We couldn't be prouder of our little guy!

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