Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend in Pittsburgh 2011

Easter was the first opportunity for us to travel back to Pittsburgh as a family since moving to South Carolina. Brady and I have traveled back alone, but not with Andy. We left mid-afternoon on Thursday and arrived at Nana and Dubby's around 1:30AM. We have just invested in a DVD player for the backseat because Andy can't deal with Brady's screaming on long drives. This was our first trip using it and it went well. Although, anytime Brady dropped his puppy blankie, there was screaming like he was being killed.

Friday was spent hanging out with Nana and Dubby. We also got a visit from Uncle Buks (who brought us pastries from Moio's YUM). Uncle Alex and his girlfriend, Lauren, also came that day, so Brady got to see him for the first time since Thanksgiving. Saturday, the Easter Bunny made his appearance at Nana's house. Brady was very excited and loved his Peter Rabbit. We also got to dye eggs and Brady loved how the eggs instantly changed colors when we placed them in the mugs of colored water.

Saturday night was
spent at Pap and LaLa's house (Andy's parents). Brady left out a carrot for the Easter Bunny and made sure to lay out the magic Easter key the bunny brought him last year, so that he could get into the house. Easter morning Brady got a basket filled with goodies from the Bunny. He loved just about everything except for the "remote control" car. The car moves when you shake the accompanying rattle or roll the ball in the middle of the car. It looks exactly like some smaller scale toy cars (made by the same company) and I thought he would get a kick out of it moving. I was wrong. It started moving and he started screaming. It got to the point where he wouldn't even cross its path because he didn't know what made it move and was scared it was going to move when he walked past. Since returning home, we have been working on getting him more comfortable with the car. It stays in his room, but he is more receptive to shaking the rattle or rolling the ball to make it move, but will immediately run and hide behind me the moment it starts to move.

Sunday evening was spent at my Mimi's house and B
rady got to hang out with his older cousins. The only people we were missing over the weekend were Uncle Chris Tramp and Aunt Kat since they are away at college. Monday the entire day was spent in the car, traveling back to South Carolina. We are still trying to get settled again now that we're home. We are thankful to be back in warm weather, though. It's amazing how cold it was up north, when last Easter (which was 3 weeks earlier) we were are wearing shorts!

Next on our checklist is getting Brady to drink out of his own sippy cup (I'm getting tired of watching the younger babies at Gymboree drink out of theirs one-handed). We are also going to be visiting Disney World and Sea World over Memorial Day weekend.

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