Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fun 2014

October is quickly coming to a close and you know we never slow down, so I combined a few of our fall activities into one post. One of the things we try to do every year is go to a pumpkin patch and there is no shortage of them in Michigan.  In our short time living in Michigan (both times) we have been to a total of four different pumpkin patches.  This year we went to the Three Cedars Farm and Cider Mill in a town two north from ours.  Their apple cider donuts are amazing!!!

Starting off with some donuts and cider.

They have a large playground and farm animals outside, so the kids were free to run around and check everything out.

Petting a bunny.

Sliding with Sophia.

Time for a hay ride to pick out a pumpkin.  Brady insisted on sitting by the girls' Grandma Nancy.  Poor Emma got stung by a yellow jacket on the playground.

It took a while to find a pumpkin that didn't have a hole in it, suggesting bugs had gotten inside, but eventually we did.

It was a bit too heavy, but both kids attempted to pick it up.  Izzie's groaning while she tried was priceless!

We had some really mild weather about a week ago and a decent amount of dry days in a row, so we decided this was the perfect window to jump in the leaves.  Brady was beyond excited and dove right in.

We had to throw Izzie in as she wouldn't walk in and she walked right out.  She wouldn't go near the pile again.  Maybe next year.

Izzie hung out on the playset the majority of the time outside.

Andy turned the leaf blower on her and she thought it was pretty funny for a while until it wasn't anymore.

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