Friday, June 6, 2014

Izzie B's Sailor Suit Portraits (15 Months) & Summer Portraits 2014

Izzie turned 15 months on June 2, so it was time to take her for the traditional sailor suit portraits.  Fortunately, it also coincided with summer portraits, so we combined the two sets of outfits into one session.  She's be slightly skittish with the cameras since she was about 9 months old, so we never know if they're going to pull a smile out of her.  She's also been mobile since 5 months old, so keeping her in place long enough to get any portraits is also a game.  She did about as well as we could've expected, although we didn't get many smiles.

She wore my dress and I was shocked when she stood up and saw how short it was.  Guess it was a sign of the times (mid-80s) lol.

 Here's me in the sailor dress at the same age (15 months) in 1987.

All of the boys in our family (Tramposch side) in their sailor suits.  Brady on the left (2011) and on the right from the top down, my dad (1957), my brother Alex (1989), and my brother Chris (1993).

My mom couldn't pass up matching me to my brother, Alex, when he had his sailor suit portraits done.  Can't say I'm much different when it comes to matching the kids ;) 

It didn't stop there, with the traditional 1 year sailor suits.  This is me and Alex in 1991 and I'm again in a sailor suit.  I have the same impulse to buy my kids anything nautical, so I get it. 

And again in 1992, this time with Chris involved.

I tend to buy clothes on clearance at the end of seasons for the following year, and when I saw this shirt for Brady, I knew it would go perfectly with Izzie's dress (and it was nautical, so I really couldn't resist).

I had this one made into a 16x20 canvas print to hang in my house. 

Brady's turn solo.

Outfit change!  Another great deal from last summer's collections.  I knew it would look amazing on her.

Trying to pull the headband off.  Luckily we got one good one with it on.  I think we're done with headbands for a while.

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