Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun 2014

I'm not even one bit Irish, but my kids are (not a lot but a little bit, which is more than enough on St. Paddy's Day).  I love that all clothes makers make clothes for every holiday because I love buying my kids clothes and holidays give me an excuse ;)  My new camera also gives me an excuse to take a ton of pictures (not that I don't normally) just to make sure it's still working lol.

The thing I like best about my new camera is how fast it takes pictures.  With my old one, you never knew if it was going to do one flash or three and half the time, I would miss the great shot because of it.  This one can take rapid fire shots and I get so many more great smiling pictures!  That's so important with both of them on the move full time.

We pretend with her play camera all the time and the "say cheese" aspect of it.  She's latched onto it and will actually say cheese and cheese it up for the camera. 

The "cheese" in full force.  They crack me up every day. 

Both kids love the minions from Despicable Me and Izzie loves any kind of hat.  She will say "hat" and then attempt to put one on. 

Playing around with the new camera.  Loving the crystal clear shot of Izzie, while Brady is more unfocused in the background. 

I like to keep busy with the kids and don't like to be cooped up inside, especially after three months of day to day uncertainty of whether or not I'll be snowed in (which happened one day last week).  I like to run errands when Brady is in school so I just have Izzie and other days, we'll go to the gym where the kids can play and I can have some alone time to work out.  Today, we didn't have either of those things to do, so I started looking around for something to do.  We've done the mall a bunch this winter and I'm kinda getting sick of it, so I found the open bounce/play time at an indoor soccer field that I knew the kids would like.  Turns out, we were the only ones there, so they had the whole place to themselves.

Her favorite thing was the lawn mower.  We have a bubble mower and I know Izzie will spend countless hours pushing it around this summer.  Now all we need is the snow to melt! 

Izzie's first time in a bouncy house.  She was a bit apprehensive of standing up, but bounced on her bum and loved when Brady would bounce close to her and shoot her up. 

Getting in a little T-ball practice.  He got a set for Christmas, so more summer fun ahead! 

There are days when juggling two kids is exhausting, but on days like today, I can't imagine only having one.  Brady is an amazing big brother and Izzie adores him.  He pushed her around on the car and she was so cute, lifting her feet so they didn't drag like she's been doing this for years.  I love knowing they'll always have each other. 

Now that Brady's older, I like doing fun things for holidays.  I decided to make our pasta for dinner green by adding food coloring to the water.  He was a little apprehensive about eating it which was funny, because Izzie gobbled it up!

So much has changed in a year.  Last year, Izzie had just turned two weeks old and as you can see, was very expressionless and kinda just hung out all day long.  Now she's full of personality and can do almost everything!

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