Monday, January 9, 2012

Brady the Future Engineer

Brady has always been a very inquisitive little boy. He has to try and figure out how things work and wants an explanation for everything that he can't figure out. This has us thinking that he'd make an excellent engineer someday. My PopPop was an engineer, so it's in his blood.

On New Year's Eve, we were getting ready for the countdown. My mom was doing something in the freezer and Brady stayed in the kitchen to keep her company. All of a sudden, my brother, Chris, says, "Do you see what he's doing?!?" I immediately jumped out of my chair, expecting the worst, and when I round the corner, he has all the bottles of green tea lined up and he's meticulously grabbing one at a time out of the package and lining it up with the others. He started doing it all on his own, which made it really cool.

He ran out of green tea bottles, so he went for cans of pop next.

Uncle Chris wanted in on some of the action.

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